1991-05-24 Cameron, MO Landspout (my first ‘chase’, on accident!)

Memorial Day weekend, 1991. I surprised Wifey by renting a Lincoln Continental for our annual family reunion trip to Chillicothe, Missouri. If there was ever a day where I didn’t want to see severe WX, this was it!

West of Cameron, Missouri on US-36, I saw this CU off to the south. Saw the needle-funnel and said to myself ‘if that were an actual thunderstorm, that’d be an actual tornado’…

And son-of-a-gun if the Highway Patrol didn’t go off screaming off toward town, Cameron sirens went off…but I seriously doubt that the funnel touched down, and it is unlikely that there would have been any damage anyhow. NWSFO Kansas City/Pleasant Hill never issued a SVR or TOR for this, and it does not show on any NOAA database. But My Camera Was There…

Thirteen years later, another Memorial Day weekend, I sat in darn near the same spot while I watched another tornado cross US-36!



Author: Damon Hynes

Used to chase tornadoes, until Ma Nature ran out of them...

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