Stream-of-Consciousness–White paper for a dark time:

So Santa Claus won the election, with 52% of the voting public drinking the koolaid. All in all, pretty close to Mitt’s baleful prophesy of 47%. That plurality will be expecting their payoff, and Barry will happily oblige by further devaluing our currency. Kinko’s can’t print Grovers fast enough to keep up with Obama, but isn’t Zimbabwe-stylee inflation really someone else’s problem?
That problem is the Right’s to clean up. Doesn’t it always fall to the grownups? The Right/GOP/Teas are called to task by a whored-out media for not compromising. Well, when you’re fed a crap sandwich and the Left’s idea of compromise is only asking you to eat half…fine, but good, honest patriots—the erstwhile Loyal Opposition– either got turned out of their offices or failed in their elections for the simple reason that they dared to disobey or question Dear Leader’s redistributionist, un-American manifesto. Failed to eat the sandwich.
The Right is hamstrung by insisting on playing by the rules and relying on voters’ good nature, common sense, their knowledge of Econ 101 and checkbook math—and their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities that Liberty asks them to respect. We all know what seventy years of collectivist indoctrination has done to the concept of personal responsibility and the social contract. Rather than admit that Progressive policies have failed, the left doubles down—with someone else’s money–while blaming those who oppose them. So here we are. Amok time, is all it is.
“Slouching to Gomorrah”? More like a Bugatti Veryon on nitrous…The behavior of this society resembles a paroxysm of hedonism, free-love 60s with no sense of conscience. Rules are for other people, I Am Therefore I Think, I’m either gullible or lazy but either way, it’s your job to fix me but don’t judge me. And hurry up. Don’t like it? Racist. Sexist. Whateverist.
Keep in mind that progressives really don’t want us to be converted. They just want us to go away. It’ll be good to actually hear them say it.
Step One: Event Horizon, or The Opposite of Gridlock.
Physics teaches us that once you reach a certain point in the gravitational pull of a black hole, you cannot escape. Applied to society or whatever the progressives call it, either society becomes dystopian to the point of irredeemability (liberalism in general), bureaucracy becomes bloated to the point where decision making becomes impossible (governmental deliberation or Benghazi), or you cannot issue debt quick enough to pay today’s bills.
All attempts to stop the headlong flight have been thwarted by the hedonists in DC. I say that the patriotic thing to do is to accelerate the arrival of the inevitable. If this be a Mad-Max breakdown of society, let’s get it over with.
The Dems want control over all three branches, let’s not cede it one election at a time, let’s give it to them all at once. Press conference where all representatives will vote ‘present’ to *every* bill the Dems introduce. Waive the quorum rules so every tally passes a bill. Alternately, if the Dems want an appropriation of $60B to study the effects of Gangnam Style on the reproductive habits of zebra danios, give them a billion.
Keep in mind that this isn’t anarchistic, it isn’t even civil disobedience. Is certainly isn’t dereliction of duty. It is the removal of the progressives’ safety net, and also of their cover of legitimacy. They broke it, we’re just stomping on the pieces. The adults have had enough.

This is the definition of patriotism—200-odd congressmen *know* that their careers are toast—but they would be anyway as society breaks down.
Next, Alito, Thomas and Scalia resign en masse from the SCOTUS. Any nihilistic case that the Left wants to bring up is affirmed by what’s left of the Court.
Then false-flag the next presidential election. The Dems put up a Berkeley socialist? The Repubs put up a person so far to the left even the ghost of Che would be ashamed. Worst thing would be a third-party candidate wins and immediately has no legislative support.
Step Two: If you can’t lick ‘em, lick ‘em.
There are several helpful government databases, developed with massive cost overruns and above-market prices, that point the end-user to all sorts of government support—grants, subsidies, aid applications, etc. It’s time for patriots to use these resources. Use big government to our advantage.
One case, each one of billions of applications are denied. Otherwise, millions of cases are either approved or sent to research or appeal. In any case, government crashes under the weight of…the legitimate access of government resources. Who decides what is legitimate? Who does now? Oh yeah, progressives, social engineers, power junkies, bureaucrats.
Summation: Societies don’t come back from the brink. The Roman Empire is the best, most known, but not the only example. Some collapse from without, but the preponderance from within.
Writ large, we should play by the same rules that have been used against conservatives. Until it hurts Liberalism. Until they cry uncle and plead for help from the adults.


Author: Damon Hynes

Used to chase tornadoes, until Ma Nature ran out of them...

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